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2018 Moon Calendar (digital desktop + phone wallpapers)

We invite you to step into a new relationship with time, attuning to the cycles of the moon.

Each Lunar cycle contains the days from Full moon to New moon, with corresponding moon phases, a mantra for each cycle, and the astrological sign each cycle is moving through. The art for each cycle is attuned to the time, and reflects a beauty that we can be inspired by.

25 full moon and new moon cycles: starting with the full moon in January 2018 and ending with the last full moon of 2018.

MOON CALENDAR 2018 is a collaboration between Julia Corbett & Dream Inspired Design

All files + license will be sent to you via email, bundled into a .zip file.

Digital Desktop is horizontal format and phone wallpaper is vertical format. Desktop File Dimensions (two sizes): 1920×1200 AND 1920×1080 pixels / JPG format
Phone File Dimensions: 1242×2208 pixels

1 PDF and 2 ZIP
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